When it comes to child custody disputes, it can be a struggle to determine the best interests of the child. Sometimes, child custody laws don’t make it clear who should be the primary caregiver after a divorce or if a parent dies, so families will need to have a full understanding of their rights and options when faced with a custody dispute.

Those in Houston may be interested in learning about a child custody case centered on a 4-month-old baby girl. Orphaned when her father, Jovan Belcher, a famous linebacker, killed himself and her mother, the little girl is now the heiress to the sum of nearly $3 million, according to reports. At this time, the grandparents are arguing over the custody rights of the child, and the mother’s parents are allegedly seeking permanent custody.

According to reports, the baby had originally been in the care of Belcher’s mother, but she agreed to let the maternal grandparents care for her during her mother’s funeral in Texas.

The maternal relatives allegedly cut off all communication after collecting the child, refusing to return her to the care of Belcher’s mother. Belcher’s mother, who lives in Missouri, is now suing for custody, according to reports, and the maternal parents are seeking custody in Texas. Belcher’s mother was initially given custody due to being the only next-of-kin at the scene of the murder, according to the lawyer for the maternal grandparents. He argues that the child will be in a more stable environment with the family in Texas, according to the report.

Custody battles can be difficult, and it’s sometimes hard to know who should have sole custody, as in this case. It’s best to know the legal rights of everyone involved and know that the court will always take into consideration the best interests of the child.

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