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Divorce with Child Custody Cases- Rights and Duties of Parents

Child custody cases: If you find yourself involved in such a case, it can blindside you emotionally and with an overwhelming amount of new information thrown at you. It is something that no parent ever wants to imagine themselves being involved in. Sadly, these cases are more common in the United States than you might think. [...]


Mothers’ Rights in Child Custody Cases – Houston Family Law Attorney

Did you know that over 2 million children in the United States have no contact with their mothers because of various child custody arrangements? Sadly, this often happens when mothers don't know their rights. In some cases, mothers give up the custody of their children because they don't have the support of a knowledgeable child [...]


How To Handle a High Asset Divorce in Houston, TX

Did you know that if there is a significant difference between spouses' credit scores, the more likely you are to divorce? Did you also know that if you get a raise or your income goes up, the more likely you are to be heading toward a divorce? Money is one of the primary reasons for [...]


Do You Know About the Division of Property and Custody in Houston?

Houston couples planning to divorce quickly discover that the division of property and child custody is a complicated process. Divorcing couples who try to navigate these tricky issues without legal representation find the process takes longer and is more challenging. If you're seeking a divorce the best thing to do is to schedule an attorney [...]


Divorce Lawyer for Men in Houston – Get Support at Every Step

If you're looking for a good divorce lawyer for men in Houston, TX, check out The Alsandor Law Firm. We offer expert legal representation for men to make the resolution much easier and more beneficial.   Why You Need A Lawyer for Men Getting a divorce in the Lone Star State can be a very difficult, [...]


How to Win a Child Custody in Texas

Divorce is never an easy matter. Dealing with the end of your marriage is difficult, but for parents, the battle has only begun once you've officially filed for divorce.  Determining custody of your children can be difficult even if you've had an amicable divorce. It's always recommended that you get the help of a child [...]


Get Help With Your Divorce and Division of Assets in Houston, Texas

Did you know that individuals with attorneys are 87 percent more likely to not only complete divorce proceedings but to do so with good results? At first glance, this statistic seems confusing. After all, people get divorced every day, so how hard can it be?  As it turns out, the answer is very hard. This [...]

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