Family Law

One of the best decisions I have ever made was to hire Ms. Cheryl Alsandor. I am very please and grateful, she is by far the most knowledgeable and efficient attorney i have ever dealt with. Her knowledge to destroy an opponent in a court room is incredible. Her ability to catch them in lies and ask the questions to make them look like the idiots they are is key. If you have a serious court issue for family or custody, you need to hire Ms. Alsandor. She knows the law and can see through the opponents lies and intentioal missleading actions. The Judges are sometimes is blinded by the lies of the other side if you dont have a excellent attorney to clear the path for the judge. Ms. Alsandor will clear the path and let the judge see the truth and you will be victorious. Follow your gut and trust Ms. Alsandor. You will be glad you did, believe me.

– D.

God Sent

Mrs. Alsandor is an excellent attorney; but most of she is a very empathetic person. This is what separated her from the other attorneys I consulted before hiring her. She helped me during one of the most diffcult times of my life. I was divorcing my wife and fighting for primary custody of my 10 year old son. I actually did not think I would be granted custody being that I am a man and the court systems usually favorite women as being the primary custodian. However after I consulted with Mrs. Alsandor she basically assured me she would do everything legally possible to assure that I was granted custody. Mrs. Alsandor was very understanding, kind and very compassionate. I felt as if she had taken my case personally and this was her fight as well. She responded to my many phone calls and emails; and there were a lot(because of my nerves) Her prices were very reasonable for the extraordinary work that she does. I recently recommend her to one of my co-workers and he noticed the very same qualities. Mrs. Alsandor was God sent. I am happy to report I did win primary custody of my son. We are doing well and we are very happy all thanks to Mrs. Alsandor.

– Nelson D.

Very Professional

My case was handled well, with professionalism and within a reasonable time frame.

I would recommend Attorney Alsandor to anyone because she is straight forward and stayed within the guidelines of the law. I did not have to worry about winning my case because she had it under control. I especially like that I did not have to do a lot of work like traveling to her office and missing meetings at my office because we communicated via email, where I could sign the documents and scan and send it.

Lastly, her prices where affordable and I was able to easily pay online, which again saved me time.

– Steven

Very honest! Most attorneys work a case till the coffers are empty. Cheryl expedites the case to conserve the families wealth, only billing the hours she works. She has a legitimate interest in her clients wellbeing including the kids best interests!

I can’t say enough positives comments about Cheryl and recommend her to every person whom asks my advice.

– Joseph Summa

Well knowledgeable about their expertise. Always there to help on any questions or advice. Very satisfy with their work.

– Fernando Madrid

I have known of this attorney and the law firm for over 15 years. While not an actual client, my mother was a client, and was very pleased with the quality of the work, and the attention she received. The case was quite complicated, and the opposing side was very stubborn, not wanting to agree to terms that would save much court time. Attorney Alsandor also stayed in touch with my mother, keeping her informed of the progress, offering her options. The attorney could have held out for a better deal for my mother, but knowing my mom’s health, she explained the plan. However, my mom, almost completely bed-ridden, worked with the attorney and decided to end the case sooner. Although the attorney wanted to take another option which she thought was better for my mom, she listened to my mom and agreed to a compromise with the opposing side. I have also been around when the attorney has met other clients and have been most gracious to all. She doesn’t play soft when it comes to helping her clients, but does all she can to get the best outcome for her clients. I strongly recommend her to anyone willing to listen to a great attorney who wants the best for her clients.

– Ed Udell Sr

I did not know Cheryl at all, but her sister recommended her, so I went to her website to conduct a quick review of her cridentials and found them to be very acceptable. Since I had been served and the case had a short fuse, I contacted Cheryl and she started resolving the issues immediately, without absorbing a lot of my time. I had a strange case which reached across 3 states, yet without paying an enormous amount of money she kept the price affordable and within my budget. I really enjoyed that she was able to go to court and represent me professionally, and I did not have to worry or be stressed-out about my case because SHE HAD TOTAL CONTROL OF THE SITUATION. I do and will continue to recommend her to anyone. She is a blessing to the law industry.

– Steven Raymond

Cheryl Alsandor was absolutely amazing when it came to my child custody battle. Cheryl and her team were very professional, and handled my case in a manner that made me feel important. They listened to me, answered all of my questions, and made me feel at ease with the whole process. I am very pleased with the result of my case! I would definitely recommend Cheryl Alsandor to anyone looking for a great Board Certified Family Law Attorney for help. TWO THUMBS UP!!

– Derrance Turner