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Houston name change lawyer, name change after divorce, HoustonPeople will seek to change their name for a variety of reasons. Some people have never liked their name or have been using another name. Other people seek a name for a child of a prior relationship. A legal name change is available if you are an adult without any felony charges or if you are seeking a name change on behalf of a minor. At The Alsandor Law Firm, we provide strategic, results-oriented service to protect the rights and interests of our clients interested in obtaining a legal name change.

We will take the necessary steps to protect your rights and accomplish your name change as quickly and effectively as possible. Contact The Alsandor Law Firm for a consultation.

Protecting Your Rights, Efficiently and Effectively

We will take immediate action on your behalf to accomplish your legal objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible. A divorce attorney is experienced in the entire name change process from filing of the name change application (Petition for Change of Name) to fingerprint and appearance before the court. While you could seek to complete this process without an attorney, you may fail to provide the right information or make a proper case to the court. We will take every legal step to secure your rights and see that your name is properly and legally changed in an efficient manner.

You may have never liked your name or have been using another name and want a legal change. Our firm is experienced in name change and Petition for Change of Name in all of the following instances:

  • Name change on behalf of an adult who does not like their name
  • Change of name for an adult who has been using a different name
  • Change of name for a divorced spouse or child of a former relationship

The court will grant you a name change if you are an adult and have no felony charges or if you are seeking the change for a child of a former relationship. We will collect all the necessary documentation and paperwork to quickly facilitate the name change process.

What Do I Need to Do to Change My Name?

In order to change your name through the court, you must petition the court for a name change. This can be done through a Petition for Change of Name or other documents related to your legal status, such as a divorce decree or adoption petition. You must provide the following:

  • Your full current name
  • Your full requested name
  • Reason you are seeking a change
  • Sex
  • Race
  • Date of birth
  • Driver’s license number
  • Whether you’ve had any felony convictions in the past
  • Fingerprint card

Name Change After Divorce

Houston name change lawyer, name change after divorce, Houston TXIt’s pretty common for women to want to change their names after a divorce. They may not want the last name of their former husbands as a constant reminder of a failed marriage. Name change can fix the situation.

You can request a name change in your divorce decree by asking your divorce attorney to include a clause that requests your name change through your divorce. This can be the most cost efficient method of changing your name.

If you didn’t change your name in your divorce decree, we can still help you with a name change after divorce. There is no waiting period, and you can begin the process right away. You and your name change lawyer will need to complete a Name Change Petition and go through the process as anyone else would to change their name.

Do I Have to Change My Name After Divorce?

You are not required to change your name after a divorce. Some people keep their married name because they’ve had it for so long that friends and even family are most familiar with their married name. Some people want to retain the same name as their children.

If you choose to retain your married name, you can remove that section from your divorce paperwork. If you change your mind at a later date, you can change your name at any time.

Can I Change the Names of My Children After Divorce?

In addition to changing your own name after a divorce, you may want to change your children’s names as well. This can be accomplished through a court petition if it is in the best interest of the child. If the father fights this name change, it can be particularly difficult. It’s often best to work with a name change lawyer who can help you prove that a name change would be best for your children.

Name Change on Your Social Security Card

In order to get a name change on your Social Security Card, you will have to complete a form SS-5. You must also provide certain documents to the Social Security Administration in order to prove your identity and to establish a reason for changing your name. Those documents include:

  • Your divorce decree showing your old and new name
  • A driver’s license to verify your identity

If you are changing your name outside of divorce, then you may have other documents to prove your name change, such as:

  • Court order
  • Adoption records

At the Social Security office, you will receive a certificate displaying your new name. Then, you can use that certificate as proof of a name change to make changes to other important documents and financial accounts. You will receive your new Social Security card with your updated name in the mail.

Name Change on Your Driver’s License

You will also want to change your name on your driver’s license. This can happen by taking your court order, either after divorce or other name changing event, to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. You may also need to present your old driver’s license to confirm your identity. You may be able to get your driver’s license right away if your DMV office has printing capabilities. If not, you will have to wait up to six weeks to receive it in the mail. You will need this new driver’s license with name change in order to change many other documents and accounts.

Changing Your Name on Financial Accounts and Legal Documents

If you change your name after divorce or for any other reason, you will also need to change it on legal and financial documents. In order to do this, you will need your court order, such as your divorce decree, and a photo ID, such as your driver’s license. You will want to change your name on the following:

  • Bank accounts
  • Home deed
  • Mortgage loan
  • HSA accounts
  • Passport
  • Credit cards
  • Insurance policies
  • Utility bills
  • Voter registration
  • Payroll accounts
  • Retirement plans
  • Student loans
  • S. Postal Service

Most of these accounts will allow you to change your name online or over the phone. However, you must mail proof of name change to some of them. For a new passport or other government interaction, you can expect an extensive wait time.

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