When a marriage ends and there are children involved, the divorce process may sometimes be more complicated. A child custody dispute can often be an emotionally trying time for both parents and children. This is especially true when there are circumstances involved that can add complexity to the issue.

As our readers in Houston may be aware, a drill sergeant has won custody of his 2-year-old daughter after a judge ruled in his favor. His ex-wife, who had then been residing in their Texas home, had put the girl up for adoption without his consent or knowledge. The child had been born while the drill sergeant was away on military service.

The Utah couple that had adopted the girl decided to drop the appeal against the decision, citing the emotional and psychological well-being of the child as their main worry. The drill sergeant is currently slated to begin a desk job in Hawaii and is transferring from his current posting in Fort Jackson to accommodate his transition into single-parenthood.

Complicated child custody issues can lead to long legal battles, especially if the circumstances are unique. In the case of the drill sergeant and his daughter, the mother had made a decision without consultation with the father. It is important that individuals facing child custody battles be aware of their legal options. A fair compromise may often be in the best interests of the child.

Source: beaumontenterprise.com, “Utah couple ends legal fight over child’s adoption,” Paul Foy, Feb. 13, 2013