Houston Divorce LawyerAs an indispensable paralegal with solid attention to detail, Sharon Dyer cherishes her role at Alsandor Law Firm and strives daily to deliver on her mandate. She stands out for her unmatched willpower to assist with all aspects of case planning, from legal research, interviewing clients, gathering facts, drafting and analyzing legal documents, and making an attorney’s recommendations. With no two days in the legal domain being the same, the challenging daily work always interests her.

With over 30 years of Paralegal experience, Sharon can effectively communicate with clients while maintaining a certain level of emotional support for them during usually one of the most stressful periods in their life. Her innovative approach to law, coupled with her natural ability to connect with people, allows her to succeed in even the most complex situations. If applicable, she remains focused on obtaining the best outcome for her clients.

Sharon’s strengths lie in her ability to multitask, excellent attention to detail, willingness to learn, expertise in organization, and psychic abilities. She always seeks to understand the case to the extent she can anticipate issues that may arise and already has a plan to mitigate the problems.

When not pursuing her career goals, Sharon enjoys working in her yard, watching Astros baseball, and playing board games. The dream of one day visiting Australia keeps is always alive in her life.