Love and marriage may start out together, but they don’t always stay together. Although not something all engaged couples want to think about, they should be aware that divorce is a possibility and take steps to protect their rights and assets before entering a marriage. A prenuptial agreement can help accomplish this and could make divorce proceedings easier. It can also help facilitate important conversations about finances before you tying the knot.

Racecar driver Danica Patrick is headed for what is expected to be an amicable divorce. During a NASCAR media tour Jan. 21, Patrick was asked about the upcoming racing season and her impending divorce. While Patrick stated she felt good, she offered few details about the end of her marriage. What is known is that the popular driver and her physical therapist husband signed a prenuptial agreement before getting married seven years ago.

While Patrick does not live in Texas, Houston readers may be able to understand her situation. Patrick stated that her marriage was broken and headed for divorce. She filed for divorce Jan. 3 in her home state of Arizona. With her earnings from racing and endorsements, Patrick’s divorce could be considered a high-asset divorce, but the prenuptial agreement she and her soon-to-be-ex signed should settle most issues regarding property and assets. According to the divorce filing, neither spouse is asking for alimony.

Before saying the “I dos” it is important for a couple to consider the “what ifs.” A marital contract can prevent alimony disputes and protect an individual’s finances, property, assets and rights. Preplanning with a prenuptial agreement can benefit two people who may discover that love sometimes has an expiration date.

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