Houston Divorce LawyerWorking with Alsandor Law Firm, Jessica Gonzales doubles as the billing specialist and office manager. A highly diligent and driven professional, her purpose and passion lie in her service, and she strives to do her best for the clients and the people on her team. With her love for business, especially accounts, and the desire to serve people in a firm that upholds the unity of purpose and focuses on the genuine interest of its clients, she has an almost natural knack for results.

Jessica’s educational background in Psychology with a minor in Public Health laid a strong foundation for her career, equipping her with a high understanding of the human aspects of her career. Her capacity for multitasking and superior communication and teamwork abilities are second to none. A believer in continuous self-improvement, Jessica is pursuing a business degree to elevate her service delivery further.

Though she has immense experience under her belt, Jessica’s ability to adapt to every client’s unique financial situation and not add any undue stress, if possible, makes her stand out. She enjoys knowing that her effort affects the situation of one of her clients, which makes him eager to serve. She loves the people she gets to help, building lasting professional relationships.

Jessica is a big crossword nerd and has an endless supply of pop culture knowledge. She loves to travel when her budget allows it and would love to travel more around Europe, with Paris as her favorite destination due to its beauty.