Uncontested divorces take place when both parties agree that it is time for the marriage to end and begin the process of separating their assets, responsibilities and roles. A contested divorce occurs whenever one party feels the other is either at fault or does not wish to allow the proceedings to continue. Courts can, and often do, step in when a person refuses to sign divorce paperwork.

Fans of the NFL in Houston may be interested in a recent divorce case. Chad Johnson, a former wide receiver for the Bengals and Patriots, refuses to sign divorce papers issued to him on behalf of his estranged wife. Sources close to the relationship have informed celebrity news outlet TMZ that the former star is seeking to win back his spouse and does not wish to end the union.

Johnson’s wife has indicated that she is ready to move on. She feels that her actions may help bring to light problems in their relationship allegedly related to domestic violence and encourage other women to do the same. The divorce paperwork was filed after an alleged domestic dispute that resulted in a 3-inch cut on Johnson’s wife’s forehead. The couple apparently has a signed prenuptial agreement to help divide their assets should they divorce.

Courts may become involved if one person does not wish to sign paperwork, especially in the case of domestic abuse or situations involving alleged assault and similar violence. In some cases, a court can approve a divorce without one party’s signature. Prenuptial agreements can also help speed along such cases considerably, allowing the courts to confirm previous agreements instead of working with those involved to create new ones. Those involved in such situations should seek to learn their rights and the requirements of proceeding with the specifics of their divorce cases.

Source: Fox News, “Chad Johnson Refuses to Sign Divorce Docs, Report Says,” Sept. 10, 2012