Many Houston custody battles begin when the parents of a child break up after originally intending to raise their offspring together. Some child custody cases are resolved swiftly and amicably, but others take a lot longer to sort out in a mutually agreeable manner. Occasionally, events occur during the proceedings that are not in the best interests of the child — or children — involved in the process.

A recent incident that created a media stir as well as a complex legal situation occurred when a mother took her daughter across the border in violation of her custodial agreement with the child’s father. The girl was born to the woman and her ex-husband in 2008 during an apparently rocky marriage.

The husband is now attempting to gain sole custody of his daughter.

Their mother, who attempted to obtain passports for both of the girls including her 16-year-old from another relationship, took them to Mexico. She was arrested on Dec. 18 and subsequently was placed in the Starr County jail in Texas. The woman faces charges of endangering the welfare of a child and interfering with custody.

A child custody dispute can be extremely tiring for all the people entangled in it. Visitation rights, agreement modifications and other legalities can be particularly complicated for many individuals. If child custody cases involve abduction or a similar incident, the law has to be swiftly employed to ensure that children are returned to their legal guardians. In such cases, it can be in a parent’s best interests to seek support and guidance from knowledgeable sources.

Source: Liberty Tribune, “Custody battle going to court Feb. 6,” Angie Anaya Borgedalen, Jan. 30, 2013