The end of a marriage can be an emotionally and physically draining time for all parties involved in the proceedings. A divorce may, however, sometimes be the only option if a marriage cannot be saved, and a quick decision on the legalities involved in the divorce is often the best outcome the participants can hope for.

As readers in Houston have probably heard, the divorce between former NBA player Allen Iverson and his wife was recently finalized. Iverson, who has reportedly fallen into difficult financial times since his last appearance as a player in the NBA in 2010, was recently in the news having rejected an offer from the Texas Legends, a D-League affiliate of the Mavericks.

The judge at the Atlanta family court where the case was heard added several legal restrictions to Iverson’s contact rights as part of the divorce conditions and child custody agreement. Among these was the stipulation that the former NBA player would only retain visitation rights if he abstained from consuming alcohol for 18 months. He is also barred from consuming any alcohol within 24 hours of meeting with his children until they turn 18.

Sometimes ending a marriage may be in the best interest of a divorcing couple’s children due to personal issues that a parent may be going through. It is important that those facing the prospect of the end of a marriage be aware of their applicable legal rights and responsibilities to avoid lengthy divorce proceedings.

Source: SportingNews, “Judge hammers Allen Iverson in final divorce decree,” Feb. 4, 2013