Name changes happen for a number of reasons. You could get married or divorced. Maybe you never liked your name in the first place and have always gone by another name. Or, perhaps you’re requesting a name change for a minor who may carry their biological father’s last name. No matter what your reason, a legal name change in Texas can be quite a process of paperwork and court appearances. Here’s four tips for legally changing your name so that you can get your name change approved the first time you apply.

1. Ensure you are not a felon or registered sex offender.

This is a very easy but very important first step. In Texas, if you are a felon or a registered sex offender, it is at the judge’s discretion as to whether or not they will grant your name change. Because these situations are so dependent upon the judge’s personal opinion, it’s best for any felons or registered sex offenders to hire a lawyer to for representation. If you’re in the Houston area, contact Alsandor Law Firm.

2. Find out whether you need a court order.

You may not need a court order to change your name if you signed your marriage certificate with your new last name or if you had your last name changed in your Final Decree of Divorce. For any other reasons, though, you will need a court order for your name change.

3. Don’t sign your Original Petition for Name Change form.

Once you find your appropriate name change form, you will fill it out. Make sure that you do not sign your name change form. This must be signed in front of a notary. If you sign the form when you are not in the presence of a notary, you will have to fill out a new form. This is an inconvenience that can easily be avoided.

4. Hire a qualified lawyer.

The name change process is filled with multiple steps and varied paperwork depending upon your situation. Your best bet at having a smooth, legal name change is to leave it to the pros. At Alsandor Law Firm, they regularly handle name changes for both adults and minors.

By hiring a lawyer who has experience with name changes, you can eliminate several headaches. First, you don’t have to worry about which papers need to be filled out and when. Second, you don’t have to go to your police department and have yourself fingerprinted. Third, your lawyer can represent you in court. These three points alone are tremendous time-savers that help to eliminate your stress and concern about this process.

To learn more about how Alsandor Law Firm can help you with your name change, contact us or give us a call today at (713) 661-9783. Our experienced lawyers are ready to answer your questions.