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Our divorce lawyer has extensive experience in family law and applies a unique approach to guide her clients through the legal process.

Child Custody

our attorney has extensive experience in handling child custody cases and can effectively assert your rights.

Houston Divorce & Family Lawyers

The Alsandor Law Firm is a Houston boutique law firm with a focus on simple and complex divorce cases involving the division of assets such as businesses, retirement, financial accounts, and real estate.

We also provide diligent representation for child custody cases involving joint or sole child custody, child support matters involving self-employed and employed persons, paternity cases, adoptions, name changes (adult or child), and the modification and enforcement of prior orders.

Family legal issues can be difficult to bear on your own. Experienced legal representation can make the resolution easier. The Houston Family Law team at The Alsandor Law Firm can help!

Cheryl Alsandor leads the Alsandor Law Firm team, and is a Houston divorce lawyer who is board certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. She and her team take each client’s individual needs to heart. By applying their legal knowledge, experience, and values to the family law issues facing their clients, they are able to help each client achieve the best possible outcome for their case. Contact The Alsandor Law Firm team for a consultation at (713) 352-3506.

In addition to legal guidance, we offer sound counsel, grounded in Christian beliefs. We bring faith into our practice, as it guides us in helping our clients to make the decisions that are best for them and for their families. Contact The Alsandor Law Firm team for a consultation at (713) 352-3506.

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How We Can Help?

“I am thinking about filing for divorce, but am not sure what to do.”

It is okay to not know where or how to start. We can help. Contact The Alsandor Law Firm for a consultation. During the consultation, we will answer your questions and give you sound legal advice. We will also provide you with a strategy for your case.

“I am not able to see my child. Can the Alsandor Law Firm help?”

Every parent has a God-given, constitutional right to raise their child. For different reasons, a parent may not fully exercise their parental rights. We can help you to understand your rights, and create a legal plan that will bring you closer to your child.

“I had retirement, bank accounts and real estate before I got married. Will my spouse be able to take any of it in our divorce?”

Generally, the answer is ‘no’, but there are exceptions, and there may be claims that can be made against the property you had before you married. It is very important to understand which property may and may not be divided in your divorce case. The Alsandor Law Firm can give you sound legal advice on these matters.

“I am not receiving any support for my child, and my child has a lot of expenses. What can I do?”

Every parent has a duty to support their child. If your child’s parent is not providing adequate support, we can help.

If you’ve found yourself in need of a lawyer for a divorce, child support or child custody case due to a recent dispute, look no further. The Alsandor Law Firm handles both contested and uncontested divorce and family law matters – simple and complex. The Houston lawyers at The Alsandor Law Firm understand the emotional elements involved in any divorce, and diligently work with their clients to secure favorable results. Unfortunately, not all divorce cases can be settled through an agreement. When you need to fight for your rights, navigating the turbulent waters of family law can prove difficult without a divorce lawyer or family lawyer. The experienced Houston divorce lawyers at The Alsandor Law Firm listen attentively to their clients and personalize service to complement their needs. You can count on the professional advice of The Alsandor Law Firm for family law issues in the Houston area involving divorce, business division, adoption, parental rights, child custody, child support, and protective orders. Contact The Alsandor Law Firm for a consultation at 713-352-3506.

Cheryl Alsandor

Representation You Can Trust

A family law attorney should strive to provide not only excellent representation to her clients, but compassionate, understanding counsel as well. The knowledgeable family lawyers at The Alsandor Law Firm provide vigorous, yet compassionate representation to their clients, and tailor their guidance to each unique case. From The Alsandor Law Firm, you can expect nothing less than thoroughness, efficiency, and dedication every step of the way. So regardless of whether you need a Houston divorce attorney; a child custody attorney; a child support attorney or any other type of attorney, we will apply the resources necessary to deliver the competent legal advocacy you deserve.

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Handling a sensitive family matter without experienced legal assistance can be tiresome and negatively affect the outcome of your case. Trust the well-practiced, dependable Houston Lawyers at The Alsandor Law Firm today to help remove the burden.


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Compassionate legal guidance for divorce, child custody, spousal support, and adoption. We prioritize your needs, striving for amicable resolutions and protecting your rights throughout the process.

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